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Welcome to GTS Pitch Global Group. Sign up to Pitch, Sponsor, learn or Network at weekly PITCH GLOBAL events in SF, LA, London, Berlin and other global entrepreneurial hotspots or at the grand finale “ultimate access” GTS Conference in October.

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PITCH GLOBAL+GTS is your one stop shop for networking with investors in SV and beyond; it is the “network of networks” through which you can enter other global networks like Plug& Play, Keiretsu Forum, TIE, Singularity Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Cap, IVP, the Drapers, and everyone who matters. Hundreds of startup founders have raised capital in Silicon Valley through our events and networks over the years and now we have started seeing success in other markets like LA as well where startups like Smart CSM, Ootify, WeThink and others have received funding offers from our local investors like BLD Capital, Nex3/Sway Ventures, Plug&Play LA etc.

Meet the "Ultimate Access", network of networks GTS PITCH GLOBAL Team:
Chairman: Alexandra Sasha Johnson, Founder GTS & Co-founder of Draper Aurora VTB Fund with Tim Draper & Russia’s largest Govt owned Bank
CEO: Axel Tillmann, Co-Founder of PITCH GLOBAL Innovation. Former CEO of $1 bln fund of funds
President: KC Wisdom, Founder PITCH GLOBAL & MINDSETCAP SUMMIT. Author "Grow Your Mindset" and co-author of The First Mile (John Wiley), on behalf of TIE

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Watch ultimate access speakers like Steve Jurvetson, Pitch Johnson, family members of Sergei Brin of Google, President of Tartarstan, VC’s Vish Mishra (also long term President of TIECON) & Dmitry Grishin ( also co-founder of Yuri Milner—billionaire behind Facebook’s funding—at at couple of recent GTS Pitch Global events.

Our Global community

Seen in this picture from a prior Pitch Globally event, SV legends (from left), Vish Mishra (Clearstone VC+longterm President of TIECON), Roger Royse, Owner large Tech Law Firm, Royse Law, Bill Sautter (Galaxy VC +1st US employee of Business Objects which SAP acquired for $ 8 b), Roger King (Founder Bay Angels)

The number one factor for increasing the chance of funding is to get in front of as many diverse sets of investors as possible. The Pitch Globally community of investors, whether they are our formal partners like Keiretsu Forum (world’s largest organization of investors) or they are owned by our friends like Bay Angels, or they are organizations like Singularity where some of our Mentors are from or even global organizations like where we are speakers and collaborators, represent the most diverse group of investors any entrepreneur can hope to meet in Silicon Valley and beyond. Pitch Globally is the “landing page” of global entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley many of whom return to their place of origin and remain an active member of our community on an ongoing basis.

  • in Los Angeles: 80% of funding in LA happens in Silicon Valley and by taking Silicon Valley stars like billionaire Naveen Jain, super-connector Max Shapiro, large Tech Law Firm owner Roger Royse, Jim Simmons of Simmons Goodspeed VC, Gerry Baranano of Tech Futures Group and many others, Pitch Globally has taken Silicon Valley to LA. Under the dynamic leadership of our Chapter President, Donavon Urfalian, who is also the CEO of our sister organization,, we are confident of becoming a preeminent network of entrepreneurs and investors in Los Angeles.
  • in London and other upcoming places: We are taking the successful community building template we have created in LA to London and other cities. Our London Chapter President, Lars Ling, Co-founder of Nordic Impact Week, is a global connector and we hope to open lot of Chapters in association with him. We also have started Chapter in San Jose under the leadership of Kate Rukaite, former Lithuanian diplomat, who runs Action Spot Incubator. San Jose is where the large corporate VC’s who write the big checks are located. For instance, CISCO Ventures is managing $ 2b and we want to facilitate access to their and other tech corporate eco system to global entrepreneurs.

  • Events

    Our story

    KC has been organizing Events and Meetups from 2007 and his active involvement in high level philanthropic work got him connected with some of the pillars of Silicon Valley. For instance, as a long term Executive Committee Member of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, KC has been the Mentors of the Man and Woman of the Year Campaigns of local celebrities like Model and Hollywood Producer, Rumiko McCarthy and Emmy Award winning Latino Media icon, Victoria De Alba. He was involved in throwing some of the best fashion and media events for philanthropic fund raising and in 2016, he decided to exit his past Tech event partnerships and create a new, exciting brand, Pitch Globally, which incorporates elements of his philanthropic work in Fashion and Media to Tech. Following is a video of a Pitch Fashion Tech event put together by Pitch Globally which also hosts influential Tech Journalists like Don Clark (NYT+23 years in the WSJ), Terry Collins(CNET & Associated Press) in their learn how to Pitch to Media series

    KC was part of a team of Silicon Valley experts who wrote The First Mile (John Wiley), which inspired him to write Design Your Mindset (in the editing stage). He is also motivation speaker and leading emcee of sharktank style events in Silicon Valley. Watch him speak at TIE, the largest organization of entrepreneurs in the world.

    Our people


    Kaustav Chaudhuri

    Founder, author, speaker, entrepreneur


    Lana Tran

    Operations Advisor


    Seline Elin

    Co-host, Anchor of Comcast TV.


    Deepak Gupta

    Bessemer VC, Partner, East Bay Chapter.


    Roger King

    Bay Angels, Partner, SF Chapter.


    Nicholas Levenstein

    Mongoose Capital, Partner, Santa Monica Chapter


    Lars Ling

    Cleantech Sales & Marketing Incubator, Partner, Nordic Chapter.


    John Ricci

    US Angels, Partner Palo Alto


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